Kait Summer

Wednesday’s 3-6 pm EST

Handcrafted to Fill Your Ears with the Best Mix of *New and Classic* Rock, Blues, Hard Rock & Indie! I Keep Things Rockin’ from Beginning till End! So- Strap In, Hang On & Get Ready for One Hell of a Ride!

DJ Mike

Live & rockin’ from the gutters of Florida!

DJ Sparky

Sunday’s 11-2 pm EST

When the weekend is too strong, join DJ Sparky to pull through!

Chrome And Metal With DJ Silver

Friday’s 6-9 pm EST

Emily’s Rock Show

Sunday’s 7-10 am EST

The Killogic Effect

Monday-Friday 9-Noon EST & Wednesday’s 9-11 pm EST

Music & Schenanigans Radio Show

Tuesday’s 3-7 pm EST

Rich Embury’s Retrograde

Sunday’s 2-5 pm EST

Rich Embury’s Power Hour

Wednesday’s 8-9 pm EST

Classic rock & metal from the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s blasting loud from the Great White North!

Gator’s Rockapocalypse

Wednesday’s 6-8 pm EST

Blues To Rock With The Rock Dr!

Monday’s Noon-4 pm EST

DJ Flesh’s Eargasmic Sensations

Sunday’s 10 pm-Midnight EST

The Psycho Circus

Saturday’s 3-6 pm EST

TGIF Drive At 5!

Friday’s 5-6 pm EST

The DJ Zorn Show

Thursday’s 7-10 pm EST

Retro Saturday Night

Saturday’s 8-11 pm EST

Hump Day Country Hoe Down Hour

Wednesday’s Noon-1 pm EST


Back To The Arena

Our show is now a weekly 2 Hour rock show hosted by DCtheDJ!
The first 90 minutes is the regular show, and the final 30 minutes will be Back To The Arena EXTRA with extra rock… Because we all need more rock!
We play the sound of hair metal. You may call it Glam Metal, AOR, Melodic Rock or just good old Rock And Roll… we play everything from the glory days of hair metal like Poison, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Ratt, Cinderella, Def Leppard and more…. but that’s not all. We also play the newer stuff from bands like Tokyo Motor Fist, Revolution Saints, Wildness, Atlas, One Desire, Creye and more!

Hair On The Air

Thursdays 4 pm EST Saturdays 2 pm EST

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